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I’m a philosopher of cognitive science and mind and a digital rights activist. I recently obtained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh and will soon begin a postdoc at the University of Barcelona where I’ll be a member of the Logos research group.

In my postdoc, I want to study the importance of certain communicative phenomena for the development of human self-representations. More specifically, I want to use the transition in infants from dyadic to triadic intersubjective engagements to study how cognitive architecture and communication come together to cause an important step in the developmental trajectory to the kind of self-representations that adult human beings typically possess.

In my PhD, I researched the cognitive architecture that gives rise to the self. I was interested in particular in how the more complex characteristics of human selfhood – traits and narratives – arise from minimal forms of subject/object differentiation. I find it fascinating how humans come to see certain properties – my excellent skills in table tennis – as their own whereas other properties – the wind that always interferes – are of the environment.

Other topics that I’m interested in include copyright ethics, human-machine interaction, international relations (especially in Eastern Europe), behavioural economics, moral psychology, and epistemology.

I have also been active in various digital rights organisations and working groups (FYEG, EDRi, Digitale Gesellschaft DE, Digitale Gesellschaft CH, digital [x].


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