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I'm a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and also am or have been active in digital rights organisations and working groups (FYEG, EDRi, Digitale Gesellschaft DE, Digitale Gesellschaft CH, digital [x]).

In my PhD I research how information technology shapes us as persons and what impact that has on our moral lives. My master's was in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy and my bachelor's in International Relations. In my work I combine my long-standing fascination with the internet, digitisation, and technology with my interests in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science and ethics.

Other topics that I'm interested in include international relations (especially in Eastern Europe), behavioural economics, moral psychology, and epistemology.


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For geeks

Instead of hosting the website somewhere in the cloud or renting a virtual private server, I have decided to go the far more cool, punk, and complicated way of buying a Raspberry Pi and setting up my own server.

This server uses free and open source software. The server's OS is Raspbian, the web server is Nginx, and the blog platform Hugo (with the Minimo theme).